Ready Mix

Our concrete can be made of varying strengths, densities, colors, and characteristics, each serving different purposes.


Aggregate plays a major role in the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete. Changes in gradation, maximum size, unit weight, and moisture content can affect the performance of your concrete mix.


Our concrete precast offers superior structural strength and durability. The concrete we cast offers longer life and requires lower maintenance. Visit our Precast website. 

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Ready Mix

* Multiple strengths PSI
* NYS DOT, State, City and County approved mix designs
* Grout & slurry mix designs
* Gunite wet/dry pool mix designs
* Heavyweight & lightweight concrete
* Fly ash & Slag mix designs for LEED (green) projects
* Silica blended cement
* Self-consolidated concrete
* Heavyweight & lightweight concrete
* Admixtures including:
*Accelerators – allows concrete to harden and cure faster in cold weather
*Calcium Chloride – allows concrete to set at a quicker rate and used commonly in cold weather
*Retarding Agents – allows concrete to remain workable by increasing the set time which is good for mild weather
*Super-Plasticizers and Water-Reducers which allow for easy placement by making concrete easy to spread without loss of strength
*Fibermesh – allows consistent reinforcement without the use of wire mesh
*Impermeable Concrete – a waterproofing agent to prevent water from penetrating the concrete



* Sand
* 3/8 Bluestone
* 3/4 Bluestone
* Lightweight aggregates
* Other specialty aggregates available

About Us

Island Ready Mix has been a leader in servicing high quality ready mix on Long Island since 1999. Open year round, 6 days a week, we guarantee high quality service and products any time of the year.  

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